By setting objectives aligned with our strategy and by performing coaching and feedback analysis, we are able to track performance at every level. This includes managers’ accountability for working with their teams to develop individual and team performance targets. It also involves fostering an understanding of each employee’s contribution to our overall business objectives.

All of our employees own their development in partnership with their line manager and participate in mandatory annual – often biannual – performance reviews.


Employee recognition, when delivered effectively, is a powerful engagement tool for driving desired behaviors and achieving organizational goals. We believe that recognition involves the acknowledgement and appreciation of the work our employees are doing, and how they have accomplished it.

We also believe that peer-to-peer recognition is a strong engagement driver. In 2015, we launched “Moments of WOW”, an online tool that allows employees to send and receive recognition to and from their colleagues, aligned with our values. Recognizing each other’s efforts provides focus, direction and clarity and creates an engaging and energizing work environment – the key ingredient for sustained success and job satisfaction.

"My team encourages me to take on new responsibilities to ensure I am continually learning how to do my job more efficiently."

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