Actelion’s clinical development activities include the characterization of macitentan in specific PAH patient populations as well as expanding its use beyond PAH.

Phase Compound Indication/Objective Study Status

Phase IV


Evaluates the effect on the physical activity of patients with PAH in their daily life, by using a wearable wrist device

TRACE Ongoing
Macitentan Portopulmonary hypertension (PoPH) PORTICO Data analysis ongoing
Macitentan Evaluates the effect on right ventricular remodeling and hemodynamic properties in patients with symptomatic PAH REPAIR Ongoing
Phase IIIb  Selexipag Compares the efficacy and safety of an initial triple oral treatment regimen of macitentan together with tadalafil and selexipag versus an initial dual oral treatment regimen in newly diagnosed, treatment-naïve patients with PAH TRITON Ongoing
Macitentan Long-term safety data in PAH patients UMBRELLA Ongoing
Phase III Macitentan Pediatric PAH TOMORROW Ongoing
Macitentan Fontan-palliated RUBATO Ongoing
Phase II Macitentan Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension MERIT Regulatory process
Phase IIb Macitentan Evaluates the efficacy and safety of macitentan in subjects with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction and pulmonary vascular disease SERENADE Ongoing


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